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Shackleton's Endurance Discovers Caird Coast, 1915

RRS John Biscoe  and Coronation Island, South Orkney Islands

Southern Ocean Wanderer

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RRS John Biscoe off Sunshine Glacier Coronation Island

The Wanderer

Camp site on Goldsmith Glacier, Theron Mountains

The Old Base, Halley Bay, February 1967

Polar Travellers

Huskies and Mt Scott

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Approaching Mount Hope

Across Goldsmith Glacier

RRS Bransfield: At the Edge of a Wilderness

Campsite at Depot 36

Nimrod at the Barrier  

Stroma and Skye

 Trans-Atlantic Days, ss Great Britain

Never to Return,  ss Terra Nova  1913,

Across Half Moon Bay, Livingstone Island

Base H, Signy's Northern View

RRS Discovery, BANZARE, off Enderby Land, January 1930

RRS James Clark Ross - Lemaire Channel


Lemaire Channel,  Antarctic Peninsula

Lenton Bluff to Mt Faraway, Antarctica