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All these paintings are sold. Their owners have kindly let me use my images to provide this gallery of my work. I do hope there is something in these paintings you enjoy.  Hopefully you may consider commissioning something similar.

Obviously most of these images are based on my experiences with British Antarctic Survey during the years 1966 to 1969. I went south as a young geologist to work on South Georgia and in the Shackleton Range of mountains to the south of our base at Halley Bay, on the east coast of the Weddell Sea.  CLICK on each image for  more details.

Fleet Point

Gathering Storm, Antarctic  Peninsula

Mt Faraway, Theron Mountains

Heimefrontfjella Camp Site

Mt Jackson Camp Site

Evening Camp, Mt Jackson

Autumn at Fossil Bluff

Emperor Penguins at Halley

Field Camp, Antarctic Peninsula

RRS John Biscoe departs Halley

RRS John Biscoe at Stonington

The Hobbits

Magga Dan

The Old Base, Halley Bay, February 1967

Base H - Signy Island   version 2

Never to Return   ss Terra Nova  1913

Mount Brading

RRS Discovery II

Lenton Bluff,  Theron Mountains,  Antarctica

Changi II


The Branny 4

Last Dance of the Hobbits


I am interested in considering commissions. Many of the commissions I have undertaken in recent years have been Antarctic scenes held particularly nostalgic to the individual. For instance a sledging camp, a specific dog team or a particular place in the Antarctic, such as a mountain, ship or Antarctic base.  For a great deal more information, and to perhaps open a discussion by other means, please contact me by E-mail: