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Chinstraps and Glacier

Chinstrap Family

Chinstrap Parade

Five Kings and a Gentoo

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Emperors World      

Emperors and Chicks II

Emperor Sunset

Emperors and Chicks    print

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Emperor's Element

Emperor Family

Emperor's Springtime 

Eight Adelies and Erebus

Emperor Dawn    

The Parting

In Search of Open Water

The Return  

Gentoo Twins   For Sale through SGHT

Gentoo and Chicks  I

Gentoo and Chicks  II

Two Kings and Mt Sugartop




Flight of the Penguins  

 Gentoos at Half  Moon  Island off, Livingstone Island,  South Shetland Islands

Chinstraps in the Lemaire Channel, Antarctic Peninsula

Base H, Signy's Northern View, Wave Peak Biscoe and Chinstraps too


Who's First ?  Adelies at Neny Fjord

Emperor Trio