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Greetings Cards below are now only available through  British Antarctic Survey Club.  However, I do have a few multipacks left at 3 each plus carriage - see below

   Click on each image for its title and a brief description.  The title of each image is printed on the back of each card.

Base F - Faraday

Base H - Signy

All are at A6 size, approximately 6 x 4 inches.  Cards are supplied with envelopes. Any number or combination are currently available.  Cards are 45p each.  The message inside each card  is Seasons Greetings    

I have just supplied a significant order for greeting cards, and as a result, I only have a few packs left at 3 each for a set of seven assorted cards.  The remaining cards have seven different mages which can be viewed within these web pages.  The titles of the pictures on the cards are:-  Cape Wild, Elephant Island;      Shackleton's Cross;       Emperors and Chicks;      Two Kings and Mt Sugartop, and Wings over Leith, -  plus Base H - Signy and Base F - Faraday  [shown above]    but as the numbers dwindle, the packs of seven will begin to contain duplicates.  It will then be a bit serendipity as to what is included........  Take a chance!   Postal charges are show below


Total cost including recent hike in UK  postal rates. 

Single pack of 7  mixed cards or discount on 4 packs

3.00  for one pack for which post is 1.68, or 10 for 4 packs plus p&p at 3.30  (1st Class only)

ORDERING DETAILS    as of  5th December 2015  Postal address:  5 The Cottages, The Green, Stockton Brook, Stoke on Trent,  Staffordshire, ST9 9PD.    You could contact me by e-mail, especially for a quote for overseas orders.  In all cases I will await arrival and clearance of your  cheque before dispatch.  I hope you understand.  Pease make cheques payable to M J Skidmore,  OR   using my email address, mikeskidmore  - at - supanet dot com, you could use my PayPal account at     Thank you.