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Chinstraps in the Lemaire    *

  Base H, Sign's Northern View, Wave Peak, Biscoe and Chinstraps too...*   Who's First?  Adelies at Neny Fjord       For Sale  275
I have taken a painting I did some years ago featuring the RRS James Clerk Ross.  Here, I have adapted it to show a group of chinstraps adrift on an ice floe in the Lemaire Channel.            March 2013  

Sadly a friend died of cancer in, 2012, and his executors have offered his commissioned painting back to me to make arrangements for auction to a British Antarctic related charity.  They mentioned the British Antarctic Monument Trust, BAMT,   Original painting 1992, revised  May 2013

  These Adelie penguins are about to take the plunge, but the waters could be very dangerous indeed for the first ones in....     July 2013
Synchronicity II - Mt Paget, South Georgia     *   RRS Discovery, BANZARE,  off Enderby Land,     January 1930         *       RRS Discovery II      Commission
Inspired by images off the net, and my own love of painting mountain scenery, these are my memories of a fine day on South Georgia, albeit a long time ago in the 60's.    June 2013   This painting in gouache began as design for one of a series of postage stamp designs for Crown Agents several years ago, but was abandoned as any background was not required by the commissioning authority, even the distant mountains of Enderby  Land.  I though it was about time to  finished it, complete with penguins.   September 2013.   This painting in gouache is an enhanced copy of a stamp from a series of postage stamp designs I completed several years ago for Crown Agents, which featured explorers and their ships.  RRS Discovery II replaced the original RRS Discovery of Captain Scott's era  (left) .  Please check out my  2008 stamp designs.  October 2103
Emperor Trio    For Sale,  295   Shackleton Airlift     For Sale,  275   Changi II         Commission
First penguin painting of the year,  mind you, I have been busy with others subjects... Have you seen my other web site of local paintings?  The link is on the home page.   June 2014   After mountains and penguins, aeroplanes are another favourite of mine to paint. This US Navy VXE 6 Squadron  Lockheed C130 F airlifted our geological and survey party to and from the Shackleton Range in the austral summer of             1968-69.      October 2014   Also, I love painting husky portraits.  Here is a commission for one of the huskies of the dog team I sledged with whilst at Halley Bay.    There is an account of my travels with him in  The Fan Hitch, Vol 9, No4, Sept 2007.   November 2014
Three Brothers, Two Pintails and Gulbrandsen Lake,       South Georgia   *   Crossing of South Georgia by Endurance, Faith and Providence   RRS Bransfield:- 'The Branny 4'
I came across a photo of Gulbrandsen Lake given to me by a fellow geologist Dave Brook in 1969.  I was certainly envious of Dave's work area, adjacent to such magnificent scenery and was impressed with the original black and white image taken by Dave's field assistant A Bottomley, who was later the diesel electric mechanic at Base E,  Stonington Island.    May 2015   This year, 2016, commemorates the centenary  of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his men's momentous crossing of the island of South Georgia in an ultimately successful bid to rescue his men marooned on Elephant Island.. When I was geologist with the British Antarctic Survey, I worked in the very area depicted in this painting, and I have based my interpretation of the final steps of Shackleton's journey on my own photographs, taken whilst working on these slopes above Fortuna Bay  in 1966.   A commission by a friend who encountered the ships captain, his wife, the ships First Officer and chief steward taking an evening stroll on the ice after a final meal the evening before the departure of RRS Bransfield for her voyage back to the UK in February 1975.  Based on a couple of black and white photographs and  the ship, I have created this montage of the ship, personal and penguins!


    Last Dance of the Hobbits