Paintings local to Halley Bay

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Main Party Arrival      for sale

At the Edge of a Wilderness      prints

RRS John Biscoe Magga Dan
The Old Base  prints At Depot 36 Kegs Double Heading up Goldsmith Glacier Heimfrontfjella Camp Site
ga-fedu75.jpg (74165 bytes)
Polar Travellers Huskies and Sun Dogs       prints The Hobbits    Fedu
Mt Faraway, Theron Mountains At the Head of Goldsmith Glacier Across Goldsmith Glaciers Changi
Stroma and Skye Lenton Bluff,  Theron Mountains The Hairybreeks Changi II
RRS Bransfield: departure from Halley Bay Lenton Bluff to Mt Faraway, Antarctica    
And of course there are penguins:-      

Emperor's World        Emperors and Chicks        prints Emperor Family Emperor's   Springtime

Emperor Sunset The Parting In Search of Open Water The Return
ga-emperors element75.jpg (37306 bytes)
Emperor's Element Emperor Dawn Flight of the Penguins Emperor Trio