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These prints are approx A3 size except where stated.  They have been reproduced by a digital offset colour press from scanned transparencies. Sales details at bottom of this web page.  Please CLICK on an image for an enlargement and description .

(A4 size on A3 paper)    RRS Bransfield    (only 3  A4 prints remaining at 12.50 )

(A4 size on A3 paper)     RRS James Clark Ross  (only 8 remaining) (A4 size at 12.50 )  One print mounted at 17.50

pr-jbiscoe75.jpg (57780 bytes)

pr-huskies and sun dogs75.jpg (28886 bytes)

RRS Bransfield    (NEW, A3 size print) at   15

Sorry, none now available

The Old Base,  Halley Bay,  February 1967        NEW   at  10

Huskies and Sun Dogs  18.50 (only eight remaining)

pr-twin_otter75.jpg (50406 bytes)

pr-signy75.jpg (53699 bytes)

Emperors and Chicks  18.50  (There are two prints mounted at 25 each)

Twin Otter  18.50 (only 9 remaining),

  Base F- Faraday  18.50 (only 9 remaining )

 Base H - Signy  18.50 .  One print available mounted at 25


These two prints are for sale exclusively by the South Georgia Heritage Trust

(For sale  and carriage details please refer to South Georgia Heritage Trust.  Link on home page)    

gr_elephant75.jpg (58371 bytes)


Shackleton's Cross, South Georgia 

Cape Wild, Elephant Island 


ORDERING DETAILS  as of  5th December 2105.   For a tube containing up to three prints, postal rates from 31st March 2015  are 3.30 per 1st Class and 2.80 for 2nd Class carriage within the UK.         Rolls of prints to Europe is 3.95,  and for Rest of the World it is 5.00 (Zone 1) or 5.45 (Zone 2) . My postal address is:   5 The Cottages, The Green, Stockton Brook, Stoke on Trent,  Staffordshire, ST9 9PD.    You may contact me by e-mail which is -  mikeskidmore  - at - supanet dot com, but in all cases I will await arrival and clearance of cheque before dispatch.  I hope you understand.  Pease make cheques payable to M J Skidmore,  OR you could use my PayPal account at  using my email address as account name. 

Please note.   For mounted prints, please inquire as these are 16 x 20 inches,  and designed to fit into a 16 x 20 inch commercially available frame.   Mounts are navy blue or cream in colour.   I can send photos of what I have available if there is a choice.  To send each print, it would have to be reinforced ie. sandwiched between two thick 16 x 20 inch cards, and courier costs are likely to be 5-6.